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  Be advised that as of Aug 3rd I will no longer take orders, especially for large sinkers like deep drops, cannon balls and troll bars. I have developed some more health problems with my back-sciatic nerve issues and cannot stand for long periods of time pouring lead. Therefore i am closing for awhile until I get this matter straightened out.

Those orders that I have received will be honored, but will take sometime to complete.

I want to thank all of you for your support.


My name is Pete McFarlane and for the past  10 years I have been making and selling sinkers to various stores and individuals in the Tybee Island and Savannah, Ga. area, as well as many southern, northern and western states, along with the Bahamas, Alaska, Canada and Australia.
After 41 years in law enforcement I had to find a way in my retirement to keep myself busy. Fishing, drinkin' beer and making sinkers, not particularly in that order is my way to relax now.

My motto is "to make and sell a  quality sinker at a very reasonable price!!"

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