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PETE’S “SINK – HERS” Co.    Rev. 09/01/2018 

                                                     Made in the USA

                                          Stockbridge & Tybee Island, GA

                       The GEMINI Breakaway (Breakout)  Sinker is back!!

                                      The Gemini Breakaway is now in production!!

        In an earlier post I advised I had been in touch with Gemini Tackle Co. LTD-UK in regard to making and supplying the Gemini Breakaway sinkers in the USA. I am now in production of the Gemini's !!

                  Below are the different weights being offered and their prices.

Product #                     Color                                   Weight                              Price

PS-G2102                      Yellow  (short tail)                2 OZ.                               $2.20

PS-G2103                      Black    (short tail)                3 OZ.                               $2.45

PS-G2104                      Green   (short tail)                4 OZ.                               $2.65

PS-G2105                      Blue      (long tail)                 5 OZ.                               $2.80

PS-G2106                      Red       (long tail)                 6 OZ.                               $3.00

PS-G2108                      Yellow   (long tail)                 8 OZ.                               $3.55           

       If you order 15 or more of any of the above style sinkers, you will receive a

    10% discount on that specific order of Gemini's.

            The customer will be responsible for shipping costs, usually through the 
USPS- Priority Mail.

               As in the past all telephone and email orders will need to be confirmed through email requests (, stating the product number, amount and size of Gemini’s requested along with your name, address and contact phone numbers.

      Payment can be made by check, money order, Paypal (2.5% fee added to the total).

              If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by phone at:


                 770-507-1903 (until 9pm)

                       Thank you and be safe and have fun !!                   

    Pete McFarlaneThe Lead Man

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